Friday, January 4, 2013

Look #7

Wanted to show you an eye makeup from a shop called "Dead Apples" I paired it up with a cheap lip gloss called "Diamond Lips" from a shop called "Dark Midday Designs". Hope you like this look...

Hair: Alice Project "Persuasion" - Lucky Blond - LB prize - FREE!
Skin: Step Inside PROMO Light 1 - $1L
Eye Shadow/Blush: Dead Apples C.I.N.E.M.A. -MakeUp- -$10L
Gloss: Dark Midday Designs "Diamond Lips" Lip Gloss

Look #6

It's been so cold up here in New York. I wanted to make a post to reflect that winter chill feeling...

Hair: Analog Dog Ging Paprika - FREE!
Skin: HUSH January - Shiver - Vanilla (rb) Group Gift - FREE!
Eye Makeup: R3i Winter Holidays Gift - FREE!

Red nose, blush, and glossy lips are drawn on the skin.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Settlement Reached ( Curio / [HUSH] )

Settlement Reached

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013
Hush Darkrose /Verikai Vargas, owner and operator of Hush Skins, and Gala Phoenix,
owner and operator of Curio Skins, announce a mutually amicable settlement to the
dispute between them regarding the ownership of their skins.
In March 2012, Gala Phoenix filed a DMCA takedown notice against Hush Darkrose for
alleged infringement of her Curio skins. In May 2012, Hush Darkrose responded by filing
a DMCA takedown notice with Linden Research, Inc. and filed a Notice of Civil Claim
against Gala Phoenix for alleged infringement of her Hush skins.
Hush Darkrose would like to clarify that she did not “obtain” an injunction against Gala
Phoenix, but rather only sought an injunction against Gala Phoenix in a Notice of Civil
Claim, which was then filed with Linden Research, Inc. and resulted in the takedown of
certain Curio skins.
Since that time, Hush Darkrose and Gala Phoenix have been in legal discussions regarding the skins in question. The parties have agreed that each store was created separately and individually.
Wishing to avoid the expense of litigation, Hush Darkrose and Gala Phoenix have
reached a private and amicable agreement, and are content with the results. Neither Hush Darkrose nor Gala Phoenix admits liability, and both parties wish to put the dispute behind them and move forward.
Both Hush Darkrose and Gala Phoenix would like to thank the public for their support
and patience during this time, and hope that the public will continue to offer their support
to both designers and the incredible and unique skins that they each offer.
Thank you,
Hush Darkrose, Hush Skins
Gala Phoenix, Curio Skins


Because of the legal battle I hadn't posted about any skins from either creator. I am a big fan of both, so I hated to see this go down.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Look #5

Grabbed my sister Kristine for another post. We went to a few shops and grabbed up some gorgeous goodies.


Hair:  KMH Hair L003 Monotone4 (lucky Letter prize) FREE!
Skin: HUIT GroupGiftSkin (Cleavage) 2012/09 FREE!
Eye Shadow: KOSH - SMOOTH CAT EYESHADOW -bing- (Click the DEMO box. There are 4 free lip colours and 1 free eye shadow amongst the demos) -FREE!
Lips: [MOCK] Crema LipColor [Lip 2]Magenta - Wearable Demo - FREE!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Look #4

Wanted to show you a couple things from MOCK cosmetics. If you've never been to this shop, hop on over and check it out. While I was browsing I tried on this Luxe Lip Creme [Lotus] [Mock] cause btw it's one of many free samples around the shop. I say free samples, but they are wearable demos. I also snatched up this Indifference Eye Shadow pack and tried on the GunPowder color... The skin I am wearing is called Exclusive Sonatta & you can grab this for free at U.One... Let me not forget to mention the new free hair at Analog Dog. This particular hair is called "Skura! Egg" & comes in 2 pieces. This hair can be found in the freeball along with a hand full of other gorgeous hairs/hair bases. Did somebody say Credits?

Hair: Analog Dog freeball Skura! Egg - $0L
Skin: U.One Exclusive Sonatta - $0L
Eye Shadow: [MOCK] Indifference Eye Shadow FatPack - $140L
Lipstick: [MOCK] Luxe Lip Creme [Lotus] [Mock] -- Must have been a past free sample n/a but there are so many free samples.

Look #3

I decided to take a break from modelling so I used a random shopper who was more than happy to pose for a pic. =)

Skin: BCC [Latte] Liu 18 - Past Gatcha Gift N/A
Hair: Alice Project Hunt For 2013 Gift - $0L
Makeup: Pink Acid Store Gift #3 Midnight out Lashes + Blush + Lip Gloss (all in one layer) - $0L

Look #2

Ever have one of those whatever days... where nothing goes right?! That's today for me in RL, so I put this look together to reflect my mood! xD Here's my SL story... I tried to dye my hair, but it came out too light in the tips, so I cried & my favorite shadow ran. I wanted to write about it, but I was so mad I bit into my pen and it exploded in my mouth. I tried to give up. I decided to take a walk to blow off steam, but I tripped going out the door and I ripped my favorite tank top. So much for that walk. Can this day get any worse? Looks like I'm staying inside today!

Hair: Magika "Tomorrow" - $250L
Skin: My UglyDorothy Special 1L Skin5 (ink stain on the mouth) - $1L
Eye Shadow: {MC} Monroe Cosmetics "Whatever, Also" - $30L

I attached the pen to my mouth and edited so that it looks like I bit into it and it exploded in my mouth... WHATEVER!

Look #1

Welcome to my new blog. Happy New Year! I want to show you my look for new years day...

Skin: My UglyDorothy Special 1L skin4 - $1L
Hair: Truth January Pumpkinpie - Happy 2013 Group Gift - Sub-O
Eye Shadow: {MC} Monroe Cosmetics - Candy Eyes "Bubblegum" - $50L for 4Pack

Blush and gloss included on the skin. xoxox